Executive Board Meeting Wednesday February 22, 2010 10:00 a.m.







Jennifer Faunt

Executive Director



Joe Longcore

Peer Board President



Clark Bradfield

Peer Board Treasurer (interim)



Mellisa Harding

Peer Board Secretary



Deb Van Wyk

Peer Board Member at Large




Peer Board Vice-President



Kris Ryder

Assistant Recovery Coach



Monica Evans

Community Liaison



Dave Visscher

Member at Large



Kathy O’Donnell

Member at Large



Brandy Carlson




Gordon Peterman





        I.            Joe opened the meeting at 10:06 a.m. and questioned the definition of (mental distress) #4 ARTICLE II:

      II.            Board went over policy changes in By-laws, paying special attention to job duties of peer board directors.  (see ARTICLE V: PEER BOARD OF DIRECTORS)

    III.            The Board then read through the by-laws and stopped to pay special attention to ARTICLE X: DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURES page 4, sections 1 - 4 i.e.

1 - Conduct of an inappropriate nature either in or outside the Cooperative

2 - Using a position on the board for one’s own personal gain

3 - Board members who act solely on their own accord without knowledge or backing from the Board as a whole.

4 – Board members who engage in intimate relationships with members or staff during their term of service.

Any of the above violations constitute removal from the Board.  It is however left to the Executive Board as to how to proceed with the matter.  EIN: 26-0210816

    IV.            Dave Visscher will be resigning as of today.  Joe will need a letter of resignation.  Joe moved to accept Dave’s resignation and Clark second the motion.  All was in favor, excluding Dave due to his involvement.

      V.            Joe moved and Clark second to accept Deb Van Wyk’s resignation as member at large, and the board voted and approved promoting her to Vice President.  All were in favor, motion approved.

    VI.            Joe discussed board members behavior and conduct in and out of the Co-op.  Poor conduct and negative public displays by board members can be grounds for dismissal.

  VII.            Jennifer had some questions about “Amendment to By-Laws” (see attachment) and wondered if she needed to attend the Executive Board meetings.

VIII.            The board then discussed the role and job duties of friends, allies, members, board members and volunteers at the Co-op.  CMH is considered a friend.  Should friends and allies be required to work for the co-op?  no.  An ally can advise but not vote, because he/she is not a member.  Clark: But the store is open the public.  Deb:  Eventually we will be charging for services.  Jen:  We are now. 
Joe asked if the computer privileges were too strict now. Someone had come to him and made the comment of not wanting to come to the co-op anymore because of all the rules that were being put into place now.  Adult websites are FORBIDDEN at Recovery Co-operative of Muskegon.  Dawn and Joe have been cleaning viruses out and Jen is going to put the parental controls back on the computers for member use.

    IX.            Joe commented that a lot of the older members are no longer here, although we have a lot of newer members and Clark stated that maybe we should print up a one page flyer listing all of the activities.

      X.            Jen is running for Mrs. Wheel chair of M.I.!!  Kathy is going to nominate her.  The deadline for nomination is March 6th.  Jennifer is looking forward to this and will be speaking to other Executives in her position and is thinks this is an exciting opportunity for the co-op.

    XI.            April is our annual membership drive per Jennifer.

  XII.            Clark:  Question why are the sign in sheets so important?

XIII.            Jennifer:  CMH needs them to be submitted for billing

XIV.            Joe:  also a safety issue.  In case of fire we would know if you were in the building or bathroom due to your wheel chair.  Unless you forgot to sign out.  Also CMH needs to know what activities for billing purposes. 

  XV.            We have a tentative date for WRAP classes.  3 days of classes for $240 for 2 people to come out from Ottawa County, it is much cheaper than usual and a lot less time consuming so I think that is something that we all should take advantage of.



NEXT BOARD MEETING  Next meeting is March 30th 2010 11 a.m.









Amendment to By-Laws



Peer Board of Director Status:  Provisional Change until qualified Recovery Coaches become available



Effective on May 20, 2009, the by-laws for Recovery Cooperative will be amended until further notice.

The following changes will occur:  Wellness Apprentices will be allowed to serve as full board members.

This change has been made to allow some flexibility in board status and is an effort to assist in strengthening the current Board of Directors.





Sheila Kennedy, Peer Board President                                                   Jennifer Faunt, Treasurer